Sunday, 24 April 2011

Koa gets a hair cut and his brother gets a name...

After much discussion/convincing Luke/people telling us that Koa looked liked a crazy old man...I got Grandma to take us to Melonheads kiddie salon in Kits (yes I know its just a kid haircut, but I really didn't trust myself to do him much justice and had no idea where to even begin with his out of control mullet).  I was worried that he was going to find the whole experience a bit traumatic, but he got to sit in a race car chair (cars are his most favorite thing in the world right now) and watch TV on a big flat screen.  "Feels nice" he exclaimed when I asked him what he thought of getting his haircut.   I think he looks quite handsome now and much older.  He has such cute ears and I don't think I even knew what the back of his neck looked like. 
Check out the before...

And the after...

 He totally has Luke's hairline and my hair texture!

In other news the "baby" has been named - Arlo Gray McGillis
It was a close tie between Ryder and Buckley but in the end he just looked like an Arlo.  We've been test driving the new name for a few days now and it suits him.  I am almost tempted to have one more kid so I can name them Buckley though.


  1. As sad as I am to see the mullet go, his melon looks lovely.

  2. I am happy you chose Arlo. I don't know if I could've handled the other two name choices. Also, Koa and Arlo are equally fun to say!