Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Its rad to see Koa love his little brother . Luke's Blog.

Ye who is weak, or quick with their gag reflex, listen from a distance.
I have witnessed life being pushed into this world for the 2nd time.
From the womb into a poorly vented, dismal hospital room.
Held hostage 4 six days by medical protocol. We fought and squirmed using
litigation to free us of their policies. We escaped that repulsive
facility with our new offspring strapped into a parachute belt, not
looking back at our hand bags dragging behind us. Being home has a new
sense of freedom. It wasn't all bad. We had some great support in there!

Many Thanks to Everyone that fed us. It is a great gift, healthy food.
Thank you to the nurses, midwives, dula, Friends and family close and far we love you and look forward to seeing you soon.

Our new son has no name but nameless is just fine for now - suggestions are welcome.
Koa has bonded pretty well with the new guy. We were a little worried at first, but is all good so far. I look forward to them being scrappy in the future though, they will learn some great lessons together!

He's our little bear cub as Koa was our monkey pup,( I know "pup" isn't the terminology, but heh!)

He drinks,sleeps and shits, and I love him to bits over it! I hope you all meet him and Koa(if u haven't yet) one day!

To summarize, I love my family to much to word. I can't wait to see them grow, but I can if u know what I mean.

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