Saturday, 16 April 2011

Cute Baby Itchy Mommy

Good (still nameless but we're working on it) is back to his birth weight plus .5 oz as of yesterday.  His bilirubin levels are going down as well and after his Grandma gave him a nice little sun bath he looks less yellow and seems less sleepy.  In fact he woke himself up to eat a couple times last night instead of me having to wake him. Its been nice having my folks in town to help with Koa and feed us and help run errands.  So far having two kids doesn't seem too hard, but the baby mostly just sleeps all the time and Koa has had someone here to entertain him or he has been at daycare.

The bad news...I have developed a rare and EXTREMELY annoying itchy rash all over my chest, belly, back, arms and thighs.  Apparently its called PUPP's and is mostly seen during pregnancy.  When I asked my midwife what the usual cure was she replied - giving birth...uh ok not too helpful in my case.  I'm trying not to grumble about it too much but it is crazy uncomfortable and I don't want to take steroids or allergy meds, so I'm trying out oatmeal and baking soda baths.  I really really hope this clears up soon. 

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