Friday, 15 July 2011

Just a sneak peak at summer so far...

Wow!  Over a month has passed since my last post.  Arlo is snoring in his bouncy chair and I just tucked an overtired no-nap Koa into bed, so I'm going to attempt to bring our summer up to date.

Yummy fresh from the farm organic produce every week.  A smorgasbord of delicious !  Now to find a way to get Koa to eat it.  So far hiding it in smoothies has worked best.

The kids dining at their own mini picnic table and J & H's amazing  property outside Squamish.  

I had to post this...Jeff and Max...too cute.  Huddling together to avoid being eaten alive by ravenous mosquito's.   

At first glance this appears to be a pile of stuff on a chair...Oh wait its Arlo!

He can nap anywhere...seriously anywhere.  Boy am I proud of this kid.  And only he cold make strips, polka-dots and faux fur look good together.

No camping trip is complete without an electric bubble machine.  Nothing quite like roughing it in the bush!  Kids + bubbles=pure bliss.

The adorable Miss B...Koa has a little crush on her I think.

Showing off in the dirt pit.  They loved the bubbles, but I'm pretty sure the dirt pile put them over the moon.

Rugged like his dad.  I'm still finding sand!  Oh and then he got overly excited and licked the dirt!

A little more subdued after a rainy night of partying in the forest.   

The aftermath of camping and life with two kids and two sets of cloth diapers and a construction working boyfriend.  Still working on potty training Koa which hopefully will cut down on at least some of the diapers....we are so so close.

Luke has a bad ass truck...I have a bad ass stroller which I cram more stuff in plus two kids (Arlo is hiding in the lower bunk).  Actually this day I would say I only brought a moderate amount of stuff.  

This is how you kick a ball Koa.   

Epic thumb war between Yonas and Koa

Sylvie meeting Arlo for the first time.  I think he is really enjoying his cuddle.  

Them cheeks were made for kissing!  He looks like a little Hoo.

Family portrait.  Yep thats right...boobs out all over town.

Awww love.

Chilling in Stanley Park for some free music and good times with friends.

Hanna and Koa...not too sure about the dough.

They got pretty into the project after all.

Thanks for the private art session Taryn.  

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  1. AWESOME pics!!! I love the subdued one of koa in a wool sweater straight jacket, atta way to keep him still! sooo cute. more pictures please. u guys have the best family portraits ever, i think the booby one should be one of those stock photos they put in frames! They'd sell like hot cakes! :)

    hugs to my loved ones, especially my runty nephews. cutest boys in all the land!