Thursday, 28 July 2011

Mayne Island

Just got back from a lovely week on Mayne, staying at my parents cottage.  I only planned to go for a couple of days, but the service was so good I stayed for a week!  It was really nice to get out of the city and my folks really did take such good care of us.  Koa explored a number of different beaches....threw rocks, hunted for crabs, saw otters swimming and generally had a ball.  We feasted like kings and generally lazed around.  All in all the perfect vacation.  

One thing that really annoys me is people who insist on taking a million photos of their kids, pets and food...oh wait I am one of those annoying people. 

Arlo and his Zaida having a snooze in the sun.

Koa age 2.  Garrity age 15.

Looking pensive

Dimi, Mommy and Koa enjoying the riveting tale of Fox in Socks.  I  wish this was my bed by the way.  So comfy even though we tracked sand into it and even though I had to share it with two kids and  a fluffy cat. 

Fresh salad from the garden...Koa helped pick the veggies.

Yummy pasta dinner for Koa...on Grandma's good china.

Koa and Grandma baking cookies.

The snacks grandma makes are way better than the ones I make.  Fresh whip cream and Koa will never eat the slop I feed him.

Tea time with Grandma

Getting cozy with Cheddar.

Sandy bum

Little Helper

Now whenever I take photos, Koa flashed a big grin and says "cheese"

Dimi...such a handsome cat.

A lovely evening at the beach

Now just picture Arlo with a mustache.

Fresh from the garden.

I had to fight Koa to get a few of these berries.


Nudie cuddles after the bath.

Morning cuddles with Grandma and Zaida.

He really is getting to be quite good in the kitchen.

Latte - "aka chard smoothie" and Ice-cream "aka bran banana muffin"

These were amazing!  Muffins in ice cream cones...what will they think of next?!

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  1. MUFFIN ICE CREAM CONES!!!!!! what absolute genius thought of those?????