Wednesday, 25 May 2011

I Want A Mini Pig

If Arlo had come into the world when he was supposed to (whatever that means) he would have been just over a week old...instead he is 7 weeks old now and getting big.  He's already outgrown tons of clothing and weighs 10 lbs 5 oz as of today.  We had our last midwife appointment today and it was kind of sad because we’re not planning any more babies...errr...well seeing as we had two unplanned babies already you never know.  But seriously I think our family is pretty complete for now...except now I want a pet mini pot belly pig/and or a cool dog.  But I vow no pets until both kids are potty trained.  We’ve still working on getting Koa to use a potty and have had some hits and a whole lot of misses.  Now that the weather is getting a bit warmer I try to have him out of a diaper all the time at home. 
Also did I mention Koa is the best big brother?  Whenever Arlo cries he says “no cry baby Arlo.  No cry!”  and kisses him all over (often leaving sticky marks on his head).  And he brings him toys and pops his soother back in his mouth.  Yep Koa is a sweet sensitive kid (with lots of lovely “2 year old” moments in between). 
Koa and Hanna sitting in a tree....

Koa and his best bud Yonas.  
Arlo is way more awake now and HUNGRY!  I’m sure I’m creating bad habits, but he is already hooked on sleeping with us and in our arms.  I can’t help it though.  I just like to cuddle him.  And he is eating most of the time so he is kind of stuck to me by default.  And besides we did the same with Koa (and yes we had some major sleep battles), but the trade of is that he is such an affectionate cuddle monster now.  

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  1. OH I'm so in love with you and this blog I stumbled upon and my wonderfully out-of-this-world cutest nephews ever! and lukie too! Great pics Liz. Great posts. Great you :) xoxo