Sunday, 8 May 2011

Koa and his dad on Gabriola

We jumped in the truck and headed out, just the two of us....Not a care in the world ,we felt like two bandits with a destination. The road guided us but we knew that if it were to git bumpy, we would take to the trails. Koa had the rear I was on the first shift of running our ship....but soon I would holler back to him "Son! I'm starting to fade. Why don't you unbuckle and crawl over them seats, Its your turn to take the wheel. Love you boy, you're driving from here on out."
Getting There

Day One

Day Two

Soon to Leave

We came out of our adventure with a truck load of wet clothes, Freshly milled Rock Maple, river stone and a slue of branded memories.
We inhaled freedom into our lungs and explored relaxation through experience. It was a Hit of a time....Top Notch. Love you Son!

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