Monday, 19 March 2012


I have wanted to have a real garden since we moved in to our house on Grant Street.  But work, kids, more kids, laziness and a general lack of knowledge about anything to do with gardening.  I've become really obsessed with buying organic produce though and the cost if pretty crazy, so I probably should grow at least a bit of our own.  Besides how hard can it be?  All you need is dirt and water and sun right?  Well here goes nothing.  We got a pretty good assortment of veggies and herbs to try our hand at growing our own food.  We took advantage of the one sunny day  and got planting.  Taryn and I really wanted to kids to get involved and we managed to hold their attention for a few moments before they wandered off.  I really hope some of what we plant takes and that I don't have a total brown thumb after all.

Syx getting a workout.
Seedlings planted.  Now we wait.

Our garden to be.

Arlo and Daddy on Gabriola

Trip to Gabriola to visit our good friends.  

Koa and Daddy counting out his piggybank.  The kid is rich!

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