Wednesday, 1 February 2012

And so here we are....

Maybe it was the warm spring like weather in January day, maybe it was the fact that I feel extra in love with my sweet little rascals, maybe it was the fact that all my other busy mama friends still find time to squeeze in updates on their blogs....whatever the reason I have OFFICIALLY resolved to write at least a few updates here and there.
A few weeks ago I found an old moleskin day planner from year Koa turned one.  In between appointments, play dates and work reminders I had hastily scribbled a few notes here and there about what Koa was learning and doing at the time.  I didn't write  much, but it was so great to read back over those little moments.  And I think that one day both boys will want to hear about the things they did when they were little.  I don't want to regret not keeping better track of the time as it flies by.  They really are growing up fast.  Arlo is almost ten months.  He isn't just a chubby little blob anymore.  He is a full fledged squirmy squiglly busy little boy.  He has become so chatty in the last couple of weeks too.  He says ya ya yaya and  mommommommom (though I don't think he is really saying my name yet).    I look forward to watching him develop into a unique little human like his brother, but I feel like I am in less of a rush than a was with Koa because I know he is my last little baby.  And besides I know living with three boys is going to keep me on my toes in the years to come.  My home is already a mine field of small sharp toy car and lego pieces, wrestling toddlers and fart jokes at the dinner table.  It is definately exhausting, but I am trying to embrace the chaos and to take care of myself too.  The other night I tiptoed in to the house after a rare evening out with friends and watched Luke, Koa and Arlo sleeping soundly in Koa's bed...Luke was sprawled in the middle with Koa tucked in tight bum in the air in childs pose and Arlo snoring peacefully with his little chin tilted back and a sweet baby dreamy smile....ahhhhh these are the moments I want to remember!

"Stoopin"  Stoop party in the sun on January 31 warm we didn't even needs coats.


  1. Lizzy,, your reflections warm an old Grandpa's heart. A momma's wisdom....hold on to it.



  2. wow thanks for taking the time Liz... the appreciation for life and family is just oozing out of this delightful blog post and its music to my ears to hear my beautiful pseudo sis share love stories about my dear brother and sweet, infinitely loveable nephews. I'm so thankful for you and Lukie and the boys! I love you :) Always,

    Auntie Moo.